Choice of Mattresses and Bed Frame

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Fantasy Waterbeds calls for greater sleep revolution. A good night sleep is made possible by its range of waterbeds. EveRest brings the technology to arm the public with the weapon needed to battle the sleep revolution.

The EveRest technology includes anti-wave mattresses, hardside mattresses and softside mattresses. To elaborate, anti-wave mattress is the state of the art technology of waterbed that minimizes bed movements up to 99% thus creating the wanted sleep revolution. This anti-wave mattress comes in the options of hardside or softside mattresses.

Hardside mattress is an option that is featured for those who yearn for hard waterbed surface material while softside is for those who crave softer waterbed surface. Although the hardside and softside waterbed come in the usual single, queen, king and deluxe sizes, they can also be customized according to customer’s preference. The Waterbed Catalogue helps customers to do this.

EveRest mattresses come with 6 levels of dampening and 4 choices of mattress types to choose from – classic, XL, split and ever flex. Equivalent wooden bed frame is recommended according to the type of mattress. For example, for classic mattress waterbed, no bed frame is required as it can stand on its own. Inside and split waterbed can fit into an existing bed frame. Ever flex bed is meant for senior citizens or those ailing and comes with adjustable bed frame.

As part of future bedroom furniture Singapore, Fantasy Waterbeds introduces an ideal storage bed Singapore. Mainly of solid wooden bed frame types, the storage bed is 2 in 1 bedroom furniture. It stands to support the waterbed while at the same time, takes in space for bed sheets, blankets, pillows and others. This smart furniture comes in 6 drawer base and 3 drawer base with numerous choices of colours and finishing. With the surge in demand, the wooden bed frame also often sports headboard designs and bed frame configuration.

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