Dust mites are microscopic creatures (over 18,000 dust mites can be found in one gram of dust) that are commonly found throughout the house, and most commonly in mattresses. Dust mites feed off dead skin (each adult loses approximately half a kilogram of skin a year when sleeping) and it is the dust mite droppings (that are full of allergens) that trigger conditions such as asthma and eczema.


Due to the unique design of a waterbed, the top cover can be removed and machine washed in hot water up to sixty degrees centigrade in temperature. At the same time, the materials used in the creation of the waterbed mattress are ‘sterile’ environments for dust mites which prevents them from breeding, unlike the materials used in traditional mattresses, which are a prime breeding material for dust mites.


With the cover removed, it is a simple process to wipe the mattress down with a clean cloth. This removes the dead skin cells and helps keep the sleeping surface clean, and most importantly, free from the primary food source for dust mites.

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