EveRest Accessories and Care Products

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Fantasy Waterbed brings the German technology of waterbed to the shores of Singapore. The waterbed is raved for its unbelievable health benefits and elegant look. They call it the EveRest waterbed.

To match its extraordinary features, Fantasty Waterbeds also offers a range of useful accessories to complement its EveRest waterbed. Cap Liner is the unique protective liner that acts as barrier against dust and dust mites. The liner becomes the supporting sheet to deter invisible but highly damaging dust, salt, body perspiration and skin flakes from sticking to the surface of the waterbed. The Cap Liner helps to catch these fine particles that can grow into a haven for dust mites. It is also easier to clean the waterbed with the Cap Liner in place.

Waterbed Elastic Sheet is especially made to create high level of stretch ability. Called as Neptune elastic sheets, these were specifically created for waterbed as the usual bed covers are not usually competent for waterbed. It’s anything but dull because the elastic sheets come in colorful cotton and spandex combination.

Never thought pillows can become accessories but EveRest Pillow adds the oomph factor to the waterbed. It moulds according to your body and gives the maximum level of support for the neck and shoulders. Not just of aesthetic value, the EveRest pillow also has health inducing properties such as reducing pressure, support for spine, orthopedic support for necks and gives a naturally uplifting mood due to its softness and fitting height for the waterbed.

Apart from these accessories, EveRest care products were introduced as supporting materials to care for waterbeds’ durability. To make the most of a waterbed, care products such as In-Side Conditioner, Out-Side Vinyl Cleaner, Ever-Quiet and Ever-Guard are highly advised. These care products for waterbed come in EveRest Care-Kit that is sent to you upon signing a care contract under the warranty.

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