EveRest Waterbed Mattress

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While meditation helps to clear confused minds, a good night’s sleep helps to groom a healthy body. At least 8 hours sleep is essential. But if you are unable to dedicate that 8 hours, just lie down a few hours on Fantasty Waterbeds’ EveRest mattress that provides that good of a relaxation which equals to a long winding down on the conventional mattress.

The waterbed by Fantasty Waterbeds has a number of prominent features which unlike other conventional mattresses or waterbeds, is available in the EveRest range from Fantasy Waterbeds.

EveRest can be customized according to customers’ preference of the mattress firmness without having the barrier of central dividers. Meaning in a single bed, there can be two sides – each one with its own type of firmness. It can be soft to a touch or hard as a rock, just to give an idea. This means that partners can sleep in peace without disturbing each other even with the usual tossing, turning or any movement about the bed while retaining their sweet spot.

EveRest mattresses are also anti bed bug as the bed tops can be machine washed up to 60 degrees which helps to bust dust and dead skin cells that invite dust mites in the first place. With this, allergy and asthma attacks become less frequent.

EveRest waterbed is also a cooling bed that is a priceless boon for our current hot weather. Thanks to its cotton bamboo yarn material, we get a ventilated tropical top that is not only cool to touch but is also elegant to see.

A German technology, EveRest is made to last long without becoming a slouch bag and doesn’t require flipping over or rotation like the conventional mattress. With proper care, the EveRest waterbed can last up to 20 years as compared to the conventional mattress that is designed to last until up to maximum 8 years.

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