Historical records show the secret to Queen Cleopatra’s beauty was sleeping on water, which helps the mind and body. Since then, medical research has discovered that waterbeds have more benefits than just a restful nights sleep.

bodyArthritis & Rheumatism“Flotation sleep” results in the equal distribution of body weight. This reduces pressure on any inflamed joints and sore muscles, a common ailment experienced by many. Add a waterbed heater and your bed will be like your own private spa, with the many benefits of heat therapy available to you.



The difficulty in achieving perfect lumbar support is the cause of many backache complaints. A waterbed naturally provides perfect spinal alignment and support. This in turn assists in recovery from back injuries and aches. Correct lumbar support allows the spine and back to recuperate and rejuvenate while you sleep.

The orthopedic nature of a waterbed has been proven to offer comfort and relief for pregnant women, who may experience backaches during their pregnancy.


Medical studies show that waterbeds greatly help those who suffer from insomnia. The lack of pressure points when sleeping on a waterbed improves blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. This is especially important for people who experience backache, pregnant women, people who suffer from neck pain or stiff shoulders as well as people who work in high stress professions. Once the body is able to relax and refresh the quality of sleep improves and the body and mind heal.



Bedsores are caused by obstructed blood circulation and muscle tension due to lying too long in one position. The total body support of a waterbed ensures that blood flow is not restricted and muscle tension is not created. Thus a bedridden patient is able to rest and sleep better; without having to be constantly shifted from one position to another to prevent bedsores.



Asthma is a common condition that causes inflammation of the airways, making breathing difficult for sufferers. Asthma triggers vary, from cigarette smoke, stress, polluted air and dust mites. Dust mite faeces contain allergens that are known to irritate the airways and lungs of asthma sufferers and trigger asthma attacks.


Muscle Aches

The lack of pressure points help restore normal blood circulation while you sleep. Allowing fast regeneration of damaged tissue caused by sore or strained muscles.



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