Singapore Water Bed Benefit – Part 1

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Sleep is the most therapeutic treatment for restless souls, tired minds and aching bodies since ancient times. Those days, sleeping on the floor was a norm, save for the royalties who slept on feather filled beds. However, through time the sleeping patterns had gone through a great transformation.

Right now, Fantasy Waterbeds is the in thing. Fantasy Waterbeds, as the name strongly suggests carries waterbed products. These waterbeds are offered based on the research of health benefits one can gain by using waterbed. As compared to our conventional mattresses, the waterbeds have the ability to distribute weight evenly; hence pressure on the body’s circulation system is decreased. This ultimately leads to better blood circulation and better quality of sleep.

Not only that, the waterbed is designed to keep back ache and insomnia at bay. It even helps in the recovery of back and spinal problems as you sleep. Fantasy Waterbeds highly recommend their waterbed for pregnant ladies with constant backache, for those who experience stiff neck and shoulders regularly, for those who face high pressure at work and those with muscle pains. The analogy behind their recommendation is quite simple – the faith in their product and knowing how it helps to offer minimal pressure points and thus encourage muscle relaxation that leads to a soothing and healing sleeping experience. When the body is relaxed, the mind easily slips into an alpha level that leads to greater relaxation and clearer mind after the sleep.

Fantasy Waterbeds also wishes to provide a solution to bed ridden patients. The bedsores are a result of poor blood circulation and of course stiff muscles due to lying down in the same position for a long period of time. This is unavoidable for some patients suffering from certain type of sickness. But Fantasy Waterbeds pledges to help lower the risks of bed sore with their water bed as the whole focus of their product is to provide better blood circulation and lessen the muscle tension. A bedridden patient is thus able to sleep better.

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