Singapore Water Bed Benefit – Part 2

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Fantasy Waterbeds, Singapore’s renowned waterbed reseller elaborates further on the health benefit of their water bed. Not a fallacy but fact backed by research methodologies. Even history supports the benefit of sleeping on water.

Apart from being the best mattress for back pain, back ache and insomnia the waterbed is a fantastic antidote for asthma sufferers. A type of breathing difficulty sickness, asthma happens due to allergens such as dust, dust mites, pollens, polluted air, smoke and stress. However being waterbed, it does not collect dust that creates a landmine for dust mites. Thus, asthma due to dust and dust mites can be safely eliminated by this waterbed.

In fact, Fantasy Waterbeds’ waterbed is designed in such an anti dust mite mattress way that the top cover can be removed for machine washing with temperature up to 60 degrees. This helps to wash away the dust mites tiny droppings cited to be asthma and eczema triggering allergen. And as mentioned earlier, dust mite haven is put to a stop with the unique design of the waterbed as the materials used to manufacture the waterbed are such. Once the top is off, Fantasy Waterbeds advises to clean the mattress with a clean cloth to further remove the dead cells that roll off from our bodies while we sleep.

It is these dead cells that become the dust mites feed and give them strength to breed. Thus, keeping the waterbed clean in this way will definitely reduce dust mites and asthma in the long run.

Last but not least, even those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism can be cured by sleeping on the waterbed. Termed as ‘floatation sleep’, Fantasy Waterbeds recommends waterbed to minimize pressure points that lead to poor blood circulation. Therefore, the inflamed joints are better relaxed on a waterbed, no more muscle sores and muscle pains. As compared to weekly expensive treatment for the arthritis and rheumatism, waterbed is an option worth considering as it provides daily arthritis and rheumatism treatment.

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