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Founded in 1983, Fantasy Waterbeds has always prided itself on its devotion to customer service. A commitment to our customers that has always been recipocrated. 

With excellent customer service staff, Fantasy Waterbeds can respond quickly to the needs of our customers. With our experienced staff to assist you, rest assured that your waterbeds will be treated well at every level of contact.

So when you are looking for the best wevice in the Waterbed industry, look for Fantasy Waterbed.

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In the early 1980, the backbone year of the spandex leggings, bagel bites and voluminous pants, Michael Daryanani took a leisure trip to seek the beautiful attractions of New Zealand. On the course of his adventures, it turned out that aside from the Manuka honey, the cliff of bay and rugby, there was something else that allured and captured his attention; the squishy comforts of laying on a waterbed for the first time.

This took him by storm. It was only by chance he stumbled upon the discovery of the general comforts and health benefits of a waterbed, but at that single moment, a strong desire to provide the ‘sleeping on waves’ experience to his hometown community surged.

Well ahead, after heading back home, his efforts to actualize his concepts transformed into an idea which later in 1984, finally led to the founding of Fantasy Waterbed



Being a period when the trend of flotation beds had gained steam, Fantasy Waterbeds set sail on its new entrepreneurial journey with its first trade expo debut at the World Trade Centre, located at Harbourfront in Singapore. It showcased its very first flotation bed models crafted with expertise and precision. This was the same year it was launched; hence, it would mark the beginning of a streak of inordinate milestones and feats.



In 1986, with contemporaneous times paving way for new perceptions and advanced expertise, Fantasy Waterbed made a major breakthrough in its overall design by toning down the wave motions of their Waterbeds which its customers at the point embraced with open arms. As the 90’s approached, the free floating experience had downright transformed to more than just another conventional experience. Waterbeds are dust free, thus causing no allergies to the customers.



Fast headlong to the year 2017, Fantasy Waterbed would see a change to its administration when Michael Daryanani got preceded by Manoj Daryanani. Delivering high quality floatation beds to the market for more than three decades, his end would signify a new start as Manoj took the steer sailing the company to new frontiers.

Manoj founded Bless Brothers which would be a subsidiary of the Fantasy Waterbeds. It started as a small showroom located in Eunos, but shortly afterward after grasping a strong market presence, it deemed pertinent for an expansion which found the company in 18 New Industrial Road, East District, Singapore, its current location.

Through the Blessed Brothers brand which specializes in the production and distribution of luxurious sofas, Manoj would ensure the production of high quality sofas and at the same time maintain affordable prices to its vast customers.



At present, Bless Brothers are open for orders at any time of day. Notably, the Chesterfield Sofas is the signature merchandise for the Blessed Brothers. However, we have a lot more varieties for you to choose from.
We’re as well open for business, so we’d love to see you come around. A lot more designs with friendly prices are on the way together with some limited editions so make your selection now and place an order before stock lasts.

Fantasy Waterbeds Unique Features

Customised Sides

Fantasy Waterbeds can be individually tailored to each partner’s preferred firmness.

The same technology also ensures that you’ll never disturb your partner no matter how much you toss, twist or whenever you slip in or out of bed.

Machine Washable
Mattress Top

Our waterbed covers are fully machine washable with no dry cleaning required. Machine washable up to 60 degrees centigrade, offering a higher standard of hygiene and greater convenience previously thought not possible.

This makes a waterbed the perfect choice for people who experience allergies or asthma, as the sleeping surface and mattress top can be kept clean and free from dust and dead skin cells, the traditional food source for dust mites.

Everyday Healthcare

The unique therapy of flotation support is widely recognised for the relief of many ailments and medical conditions.

Waterbed mattresses provide a therapeutic sleeping surface for many common complaints such as backache, bed sores, arthritis, insomnia, muscle ache and many more.

Greater Durability
& Endurance

Fantasy Waterbeds are long lasting and durable. It never sags or wears out, and never needs to be rotated or flipped as traditional mattresses do.

If properly maintained and cared for, it can last up to 20 years.

Client’s Review

Bless Brothers have the most accomplished yet affordable Chesterfield sofas around. I had the honour of comunicating directly with their big boss Manoj, who was so accomadating to my request. Manoj had even volunteered to come over to my newly bought flat to give me advices of the kind of sofa that would match the theme of my house and also recommended me on the best placement for the sofa. It is efforts like these, and the quality in which their sofa is, that made me so mezmerized and captivated by the the products that they offer.

In fact, i was so thrilled that i even got myself a king bedframe, equipped with a WaterBed that is of the finest and divine quality from Bless Brothers. The bed is so comforting to ease the weariness from a long day at work. I am so looking forward to the arrival of my items and give a more detailed review thereafter…. nonetheless, I can assure, its never a disappointment to deal with all the wonderful staff of bless brothers! thank u so much guys! 🙂

Farn X Deelaa

Fantasy Waterbeds in the 80s

“The car, which weighs about 830kg will be left on the waterbed all throughout the nine-day exhibition so that visitors can see for themselves the sturdiness of these beds.”

Straits Times, 29 Nov 1987

“Fantasy waterbeds are so comfortable, you’ll have truly restful and relaxing sleep. Because every contour of your body fits without pressure against the mattress, there’s minimal tossing and shifting while you sleep.”

12 July 1991

“Studies on the quality of sleep show that waterbeds contribute to better sleep. Patients tested felt better rested on getting up and experienced less pain while sleeping on a waterbed. In fact waterbeds are often recommended for those suffering bad backs and a host of other health problems.”

“Waterbeds are ideal for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism because of the equal distribution of body weight on a waterbed.”

23 November 1989

“You’ll be surprised how many people are crying out for a good night’s sleep – from people who have serious problems like hip injuries to pregnant women who would like to be able to sleep with their tummies down.”

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