Accessories for the usage of
Fantasy Waterbeds

To maintain your waterbed in excellent health condition, we provide a full line of maintenance accessories to help you easily take care of your waterbeds and make sure it last longer in years. Our accessories included waterbed conditioners, air extractors and repair kit, it makes everything become so easy!

Waterbed Conditioners

Waterbed conditioner is an important treatment for your waterbed.

Your waterbed should be treated with the right conditioner every six months or once a year. This treatment will prevent microbes, algae, and mold spores find ideal growing conditions in your waterbed. It will also ensure the inner surface of the vinyl cleaner is clean and soft.

Air Extractor

An AIR EXTRACTOR helps remove air bubbles from any waterbed!

Simply screws the AIR EXTRACTOR onto the waterbed valve and pump out the air bubbles without the mess!


Repair Kit

Worried of a leak?

Not a problem! Fix any small leaks in a waterbed as soon as possible with our repair kit.

Simply find the leak, cut a circle shaped piece from the vinyl given, apply the glue, and stick it on!

Client’s Review

Bless Brothers have the most accomplished yet affordable Chesterfield sofas around. I had the honour of comunicating directly with their big boss Manoj, who was so accomadating to my request. Manoj had even volunteered to come over to my newly bought flat to give me advices of the kind of sofa that would match the theme of my house and also recommended me on the best placement for the sofa. It is efforts like these, and the quality in which their sofa is, that made me so mezmerized and captivated by the the products that they offer.

In fact, i was so thrilled that i even got myself a king bedframe, equipped with a WaterBed that is of the finest and divine quality from Bless Brothers. The bed is so comforting to ease the weariness from a long day at work. I am so looking forward to the arrival of my items and give a more detailed review thereafter…. nonetheless, I can assure, its never a disappointment to deal with all the wonderful staff of bless brothers! thank u so much guys! 🙂

Farn X Deelaa

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