Fast headlong to the year 2017, Fantasy Waterbed would see a change to its administration when Michael Daryanani got preceded by Manoj Daryanani. Delivering high quality floatation beds to the market for more than three decades, his end would signify a new start as Manoj took the steer sailing the company to new frontiers.

Manoj founded Bless Brothers which would be a subsidiary of the Fantasy Waterbeds. It started as a small showroom located in Eunos, but shortly afterward after grasping a strong market presence, it deemed pertinent for an expansion which found the company in 18 New Industrial Road, East District, Singapore, its current location.

Through the Blessed Brothers brand which specializes in the production and distribution of luxurious sofas, Manoj would ensure the production of high quality sofas and at the same time maintain affordable prices to its vast customers.